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Workflow for private group Video


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I am looking for suggestions for what I think is a rather simple workflow:

User A wants to initiate a Video/Audio session with User B.  User A alerts User B, and the two of them connect.  User A (or B for that matter)  wants to now include user C in the session.  One of them alerts User C, and User C is now videoconferencing with A& B.

Sounds simple, but I have been looking at the code samples and there are a couple of stumbling blocks for me.  First,  it would seem that I would want user A to create a group (for the duration of the session) and then have user B & C join this group.  How is this possible if none of my users are hosts?  In other words,  I need ad-hoc groups (I think) that facilitate private group meetings when needed by users.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hey Dude,

If you're not interested in the strict privacy-management of groups (which does need someone to manage them), then the publisherIDs property of the WebCamSubscriber/AudioSubscriber should get you where you need to go - have A say to B "hey, I'm going to publish", and have B start up a set of Subscribers which only have A in their publisherIDs property. Don't let any users in your rooms subscribe to anyone else unless they get such a notification.

hope that helps



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Thank you very much Nigel.  Looking at the SDK, I believe that should help me do exactly what I was looking for.  Essentially, I am trying to create functionality similar to Video Calls in Skype right within my app.

Extremely cool.