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When does LCDS call the getItems(...) method?


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I want Flex (LCDS) to call the "getItems(List identityList)" instead of the "getItem(Map identity)" method.

I implemented a custom assembler by extending "flex.data.assemblers.AbstractAssembler" class, and overrode the coarse grained "public List getItems(List identityList)" method.

According to the documentation in the JavaDoc, LCDA should call the coarse grained "getItems(List identityList)"  method by default, but it never calls it.

Instead it always calls the "getItem(Map identity)" which is not performant for a large paged collection.

Has anyone encountered and solved this problem before?


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It turns out that LCDS 3.1 (and earlier) never calls the getItems() function defined in the Assembler interface.  Ooops, not good.

This is tracked as bug 2664250 in our bug system and will be fixed in the next release of Data Services.  If you have a support contract, you can contact Adobe and reference the bug number to get faster turnaround.

Sorry for the inconvenence!