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Vertical text alignment for text area


Level 1


I'm having a problem with my form: I am unable to set the text in the text area so that it is align to the upper right instead of being at the left (horizontaly) and in the middle (vertically). Thanks for your help!

Here is what I would like to have (this is from an old form made on Acrobat):

2011-06-27 11h25_30.png

Here is what I'm having (a new form made in LiveCycle Designer):

2011-06-27 11h27_18.png

Thanks for your help!!!!

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Level 10

You can set upt the text alignment in the paragraph pallette individually for the value and caption.

Select the text field and select "Edit Value" fron the contect menu (arrow in the upper right corner) .

Then choose the desired alignment.



Level 1

Thank you so much, I totally forgot to open this box, thought it was all at the upper quick menu...

Also, i'm new to this forum and marked yout answer as "helpful" but it is in fact a "correct answer"... please post it again so I can mark it as Correct...

Have a good day!!