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Using HTTP Header method to configure SSO between LC ES2.5 and .NET 2005 Web Portal


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I am stuck on how to develop the .NET 2005 application to work with LC ES2.5. I would like to do SSO between a web poratl which is developed by .NET programming and Adobe LiveCycle ES2 or 2.5. I have walked around the material provided by Adobe about configure SSO from below link. However, i still don't accomplish my project.


Anyone has an experience of implementing SSO by HTTP Header between .NET Web application and LC ES2 or 2.5?

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Could you provide a sample programming of .NET Web Application?


1. Configure HTTP Header on LC Adminui.

Application Workflow:

1. Login through .NET Web Application (Web Portal) by authenticating both of Active Directory and Internal (DB).

2. Using "Response.Redirect(http://ipaddress:8080/workspace); command for accessing LC Worksapce.

  • Capture username and password from Login Page on Web Portal and add them into HTTP Header before access LC Workspace.
  • Using navigate command "Redirect". Can we use "Response.Redirect" command?

3. Automatic logon into Main Page of LC Workspace.

Thank you.