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(User Entry - Required) on Hidden Sub-Form ?


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I have a number of hidden sub-forms which only become visible to the user if they choose a certain option otherwise they will never see this part of the form.  If they do select this option and the form becomes visible then it is mandatory that they complete it.  However if I make the fields on the hidden form 'User Entry - Required' and the end user does not choose the option that makes them visible (and therefore required) they will be unable to complete the form ?

Is there a way of making fields 'User Entry - Required' only when the form (fields) becomes visible ?

I have the visibility method setup as follows:  The main form that all users will see contains a dropdown menu with option YES or NO.

In Action Builder I have created an action as follows: if the text in the drop down menu is changed to YES then a additional form on a separate page will expand for the user to complete.  

If the user selects YES from the drop down menu then it is mandatory to complete this expanded form.  The expanded form contains a number of text fields which I want to make mandatory (Required) only if the user selects YES.

Can anyone explain (in the simplest terms) how I can make the fields on the hidden form (User Entry - Required) only when they become visible to the user.

(P.S.) I have no experience of computer programming..............

Many Thanks in advance for any help ..............

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