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Upgraded to pro X and having issues with form created in pro 9


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I created a form in LiveCyle using Pro 9, the form was created for an employer who had to buy Pro X so I was upgraded to Pro X.  Here are the issues I am having, This form was the first time I have ever created a form and I have never used Java Script so there is no scripting involved. 

1) With Pro 9, if I opend the form with adobe instead of LiveCycle I could delete pages.  Now with Pro X I can not however I can delete pages in PDF's that I did not use LiveCycle on.  How do I enable exert, delete, insert, etc....

2) I was told that with Pro X it was possible to set the form so that when it's emailed back to the employer after being filled out, it could be secure.  I have not been able to figure out how to set that up.  The employer needs to receive the completed PDF as a PDF with the information that was input secure (socials, etc... ).  If I set up an email button the employer receives a list for information and that does not work for them. 

3) The employer would like to have a few fields that they input in the form then secure them or make them read only so the employee can not modify.  I know how to do it design mode but it prevents them from being able to input the information they want (employee number for example).

Java Script is totally foreign to me as I am not an IT person I am a novice computer user that is self taught.  If I am going to have to learn this, can anyone suggest a website or book for beginners?

Thank you for any help you can provide....


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Hi Heather,

There are a few things going on.

Firstly, forms that are created in LC Designer are fundementally different to native PDF documents. LC Designer forms are known as XFA Forms and are placed in a PDF wrapper, so that they can be opened in Acrobat/Reader. However a lot of the normally editing options (like deleting pages) that you can perform on a native PDF, you cannot do on an XFA Form.

You can set up the form to be emailed back and there are a number of options. The example here (http://assure.ly/dYQFb4 and http://assure.ly/hM2A5y) looks at the standard Submot by Email button down to custom buttons, depending on the functionality you need/want.

One of the things you need to bear in mind is that for users with Reader to be ble to submit the form back as a PDF, it first needs to be Reader Enabled. This is something you can do in Acrobat before you send out the form, but there are license restrictions. See here . http://assure.ly/etkFNU.

You can set up a solution that locks the fields in the form, prior to submission, but you are getting into scripting. There is an example here: http://assure.ly/yDtfsM.

When it comes to resources... see my recommendations here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4186925#4186925.

I hope that helps,



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Thank you!

Heather Eastlund

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