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Unique Issue. Help Would Be GREATLY Appreciated!


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I'm using Adobe Designer 7.0 and I have a problem I haven't seen discussed anywhere. I created a fillable form in Adobe Designer and added the Text and Numeric fields with the drawing tool. Whenever I export to Reader or click PDF Preview, those fields have a T (for text field) or N (for numeric field) right beside them. How do I make them go away? I've been exporting to Acrobat and using touch up to remove the Ts and Ns but I had to go back and embed the fonts with Designer so that's not an option now. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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I haven't come across this. It could be that the caption of the objects is set too narrow and that only the T of Text Field is showing.

Parallels Desktop1.png

When the form is open in LC Designer, select the objects and drag the reserve bar to the right (or increase the reserve dimension in the Object / Layout tab).

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Thanks!! I stumbled across the fix. You can click on the object and select Caption: None. Thanks for trying to help me.