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I'm creating a form in LiveCycle Designer and I'm wondering if it is possible to collect information in a text field and use it later in the same form in a text box. I want to enter a name into a text field and then have that name show up as part of a text box later in the form.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi, it is easy enough to do with a global variable.

I wrote some information about creating and using them here - How to compare global variable value to TextField value

Have a look at it to understand the code below. It is much like setting a rawValue from another field, but instead you are taking it from a variable that can be used anywhere in the form.

To recall the global variable to a textfield:

//give the textfield the value of the global variable.

TextField1.rawValue = global.myVariable;

I wrote this PDF for my own reference, here is a screenshot.

In this example, i can set a new global variable in the first textbox and then recall it in the other when the button is clicked. Same thing applies if you did it from a click, field exit code...whatever.


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