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Time format to accept 24:00 in Form Designer


Level 2

I am working on a timesheet form and to calculate the time, user should be able to put 24:00 as midnight shift. However the time format seems to change the 24:00 to 00:00 as a default time. Though it accept 23:59, I need user to be able to input 24:00.

How can I write a code in Formcalc or JavaScript to accept 24:00 in a time field.



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Level 10


to display times in the 24 Hour format use the display pattern time{KK:MM} instead of time{HH:MM}.


Level 1

Thank you. This help my issue as well with displaying time. However, I'm having trouble getting it to calculate time correctly for a shifft that begins at 16:00 and ends at 24:00. The time sheet calculates (16.00) instead of (08.00). How can I get the form to calculate correctly.  Below is the code in my form. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Janna

form1.detail.Totalhrs1::calculate - (FormCalc, client)

var amTime = 0

if (HasValue(amOut1) and HasValue(amIn1)) then

          amTime = Time2Num(amOut1.formattedValue, "KK:MM") - Time2Num(amIn1.formattedValue, "KK:MM")


var pmTime = 0

if (HasValue(pmIn1) and HasValue(pmOut1)) then

          pmTime = Time2Num(pmOut1.formattedValue, "KK:MM") - Time2Num(pmIn1.formattedValue, "KK:MM")


// compute total time in hours from the millisecond value

$.rawValue = Sum(amTime,pmTime)/3600000