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The Dialog Box Conundrum


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I am creating an application form and would like to create an info/help button. Now I know there are button objects built into Livecycle but I'd like to customize my Button to make it more visually appealing. I've tried using an image field but every time it is pressed it opens the image browser and then the dialog box. It’s probably safe to say image fields are not to be used as buttons. I'd also like my button to have a little text bubble pop up when mouseEnter, saying something along the lines of “click me for help”, and then once the button is clicked the dialog box can come up. I’ve been scouring the interwebs all morning for an answer but don’t really understand all of the information I’ve found. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You should be able to have a standard image object and then have a button with no appearance, (not border, caption or background) then overlay the button on the image and make them the same size.

You can also try positioning a subform styled like a tooltip and hide/showing it as focus is received or lost by a field.  There is an example of this in this sample http://adobelivecycledesignercookbookbybr001.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/season-planner-or-year-planner-...

And you could use a custom dialog, which allows some styling and adding of images, so once they click the button the help popup looks more appealing than an app.alert().  There's an example and a sample form to generate the code required in this blog listing,