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Textfield overflow to new textfield on page 2 with same layout as page 1


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Trouble with textfield overflow and need character limit in the field. Do not want textfields to stretch when full and push other fields to next page. I have an employee PDF form.  There are checkboxes and textfields. There are three main textboxes on the form.  The form is dated and signed on the bottom.  It is important that the date and signature be on the bottom of the first page.  If the user types in one or any of the three main textboxes and it exceeds the field character limit. I would like the overflow to continue on page 2. I would also like it not to print page 2 unless there is overflow on that page. Also, if overflow and page 2 is needed I would like page 2 to mirror page 1 and have the checkboxes and text fields prefill page 2 exactly as page 1. Important, I do not want the three main textboxes prefilled and carried over to page 2 as these are used for overflow if needed.  I'm new to Live Cycle and this forum. I saw a thread from an old forum early 2000s on a very similar issue on another site. It referenced a downloadable sample which does not seem to exist or link is gone. May be because it is out of date. Any help, info, or example on this issue would be greatly appreciated.  I would like to update our existing forms.  I can email a copy of the PDF form. Let me know. Thanks

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