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Text placement flowing onto new pages?


Level 2

I am having a difficult time with the placement of text as it flows onto the next page.

I get everything to flow correctly--the field expands, goes onto the next page fine. I have a time field associated with this text field, which pushes it to the right. However, when the text field flows to the next page, it moves over to the left! I want it to stay in place, but I can't figure out how. Any suggestions?? It's kind of driving me batty!

I would have attached the pdf here to show exactly what I'm talking about, but they seem to have taken away the ability to attached pdf documents? I  can only attach a video or picture. So I took a screen shot of what the form looks like when you try to fill it out and it goes onto the next page. I hope this helps.


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Level 2

Gah! Does anyone have any suggestions on this at all?? I have the form completely done (with buttons and all), except for this one problem I can't seem to get resolved! Help!


Level 1

I believe, there are 2 items to be attantioned:


look at object-panel, the field-tab, there is a cross to be set at pagebreak...


look at the Layout-panel: there is a cross to be set under Y and Hight!

if no effect, than, take a new part of form around our item and check these 2 opinions to be set:

it might be work.

well, it has been this weekend my fashion to find a relation between these two selected items, not well.



Level 1

oh, please, let us see the design-modus!

there are many little informations to be a detective!