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Tables with buttons to add rows


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I am having trouble with a table that has buttons to add, show and hide rows.  There are 2 rows in my table which I need to be able to add depending on which button is clicked.  I've managed to get the first button to add an instance using (Table.Row1.instanceManager.addInstance(1);) but I can't get row 2 to add to the bottom of the table with a button.  I've tried to amend the script to fit the second row but it doesn't work.


I'd appreciate some help

I can send a sample if need be.

Many thanks


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The correct syntax is addInstance(1) (or addInstance(true)).

As long as the row is set to repeat (Object>Binding>Repeat Row for Each Data Item) it should work. If the row doesn't exist yet then try using the underscore shortcut for the Instance Manager: Table._Row2.addInstance(1);