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We need to merge dynamic pdf with n number of static pdf.

The output of the generated pdf has one of the page called Table Of Content with page number.

For this we have created following process

We created a form using Adobe livecycle form designer to populates input data(xml).

We created process to generate dynamic pdf .

We have static pdf's in some folder location(Eg:C:\temp)

We created xsl to generate DDX to merge Dynamic pdf with static pdf's by using an assembler operation in the Process

There are number of static specification pdf's  inserted in between of dynamic pdf using logic in xsl.

We used bookmark option in xsl for creating table of content .

While invoking the process we are able to generate the correct merged pdf with some unformatted page of table of content

We can explain better in the following way where we are actually facing a challenge:

We need a table of content in the below mentioned format:


MAIN DESCRIPTION                                                                                    n

ID1             NAME1            DESCRIPTION   1                                              m

ID2POK       NAME2            DESCRIPTION   2                                              m


ID3             NAME3            DESCRIPTION   3                                              m


MAIN DESCRIPTION2                                                                                 n

ID3            NAME3            DESCRIPTION   5                                               m

ID4            NAME4            DESCRIPTION   4                                               m

ID5            NAME5            DESCRIPTION   5                                               m

Since the pdf merging and numbering is done  using ddx at runtime, page number tag is not there in xml and  therefore the toc page cannot be populated at the time of form design.

The issue we are facing is that, by using ddx script we are not able to align id,name,description in  table of content in proper manner. We want to wrap particular id ,name and description in their respective columns.

Currently, we are getting the below mentioned result which is not in a proper format.


MAIN DESCRIPTION                                                                                n


TION 1                                                                                                    m


PTION   2                                                                                                m

ID3            NAME3            DESCRIPTION   3                                             m

Note: Page numbering has been done only after merging all the pdf(Dynamic and static) using ddx  instead of the adobe livecycle form designer.

Is there any solution to resolve the formatting issue or any other option to create table of content dynamically ?

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