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Suppress "connect operation failed.." message


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I have a form where most of the users will simply fill out the form and send it to a central location where the form gets reviewed and then submitted to a database through ODBC data connections. The problem is that the users that fill the form out don't have and don't need the database that the form connects to. So, when they open the form, the form will not be able to find the ODBC connection the data connection refers to and they get the "connect operation failed..." message.

Is there a way to suppress this message? Connection.JPG

Another option would be to have a button that does the data connections at runtime that the people at the central office could press, but I haven't been able to find a way to do this either.

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Hi there,

I suggest you have a PDF form with data connection which is a reflection of a PDF form that users fill out without connection.

Once the form filled out is received, you can simply export data as XML and import it within the form with data connections and then input into database.

Hope this help.


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Thanks for the reply. I could do that, but it would require two separate forms and an extra step of creating the XML file. Also, the form will work in the opposite direction. Some information will be pre-populated in the form and then distributed to the user to fill the rest of it out. It would be quite a bit easier to just have the folks that fill it out understand that they just need to okay through that message, but that's not an ideal solution.

It may not be possible, but being able to suppress the message or being able to create the data connection at runtime would be the ideal solution where one form could be used by everyone with no additional steps.