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Submit by Email... but to where?


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I have created a form for users to fill with a "Submit by Email" button for users to send in their finished form.

I created the "Submit by Email" as standard button object, contol type:Submit, submit as:PDF, and submit to URL: myaddress@mywebsite.com

While testing the page in LifeCycle Designer, Preview PDF, clicking on this button results in security warning indicating

This document is trying to connect to:


If you trust this site, choose Allow. If you do not trust this site, choose Block

Is this just an artifact of being in Preview PDF, or is there something else going on, or is my "Submit to Email" button flawed?



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Level 10

Hi Gordon,

I tend not to test email buttons/script when in LC Designer (Preview). In my experience it tends not to work very well.

When testing I open the form in Acrobat and then click the email button from there.

It should work okay. If not come back with some more details.



Level 4

If you drag in a button and from the object pallet in the field tab, select "submit" from the three button options. Then open the "Submit" tab and choose if you want just the xml data to be sent, or if you want the actual pdf to send as an attachment. You can choose if you want  a digital signature applied before sending or if you just want the form sent as is. Then enter "mailto:" in the  URL information,  and save the form. Then when the user clicks this button on the pdf, it will open an email with the pdf as an attachment in whatever email program they have open, Outlook, etc.  Then you can change the label for that button to whatever you want it to say. 

Hope this helps.


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I am still not getting the desired results. I grabbed a few screen shots if that will help.

First is the object's Field Tab


Next is the object's Submit Tab


Finally the warning I get when I try to Submit the form


If you want to try it yourself, it is available at


Be aware that all elements at the top of the form (except email address) are required before the form will permit you to submit the form.



Level 10

Got it!

In the second screenshot where you specify the email address, add this in front of the email address:


See examples and screenshots here: http://assure.ly/dYQFb4

Good luck,