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Subform - Need All Fields to Expand In Height


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I have a form with a flowed subform, containing several fields.

I need all the fields in the subform to expand in height to fit the height of that particular field that is filling. 

How can I make all the fields in the subform expand in height when the one field expands?

Thank you for any assistance on this.

Here is a screenshot showing the issue with the subform.  The fields started as two lines in height.  I typed in three lines and the field expanded, as I needed it to, but the other fields in that row did not expand in height.  Need them to expand in height as well.  Must be subforms - can't be a Row. Autofit for the subform height is checked off and grayed out.

20160210 Form Subform Issue.jpg

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Level 2

I found the code on the web which partially accomplishes what I am trying to do.  I put the code below in the ready.layout event of the other fields in the subform.

var heightField = xfa.layout.h(xfa.resolveNode("PPDescription"), "pt");

his.h = heightField + "pt";

There are button son the form to add and remove rows of the subform.  The problem I have now is that although all the field heights now match, when I press the button to remove a row, there is a space below all the fields before the next subform row below - need to eliminate that space.