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Hi All,

I am using forms designer 6.5 for developing the form(Previously Adobe LiveCycle)

In our forms we have common section so i have created the fragments and added the insertion point to hold these fragments.

We have came across scenario -  Let say  insertion point - X1  is placed at the end of page 1. For some fragments it is properly getting fitted at end of page 1 in X1.

For some fragments as we are having more content and the whole content of fragment is not fitted . So we need to split the content across the End of page 1 and start of Page 2 top for same fragment, How to achieve this Split between pages.

Note - 1 fragment 1 insertion point needs to be split across the page 1 end and page 2 top.

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I don't have an environment to test this process. I guess you have the "allow page break within content" set appropriately.  Can you get the page breaks to work correctly just within AEM Forms Designer?



Product - AEM Forms Designer and AEM Forms Workbench.

Want to know if we can achieve the splitting of fragments across pages. Now I see if the  content is more and not fitted in insertion point ,the entire content is flowing to next page. Is there possible to achieve some content to add in last page and remaining extra content in next page with same 1 insertion point and 1 fragment.