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Similar table design in the same page not working as expected.


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Hi all! 

Appreciate if someone can help me on my problem.

I have multiple subforms in my XDP template and 2 of them almost have exactly the same content/design/logic (except for additional columns to be displayed in other subform).  And only one of them will be displayed in any given time through the use of below script.

var tempRateNameInsFg = Page1.sfAsegurado.sfData.grpHiddenFlds.rateNamedInsFg.rawValue;

if (tempRateNameInsFg == "Y") {

    dpom.Page1.sfAseguradosNO.presence = "hidden";


BUT the 2nd subform is not filling-up data as the first one did successfully and I don't know why.  The weird part is when I delete either one of subform then the remaining one works fine. 


Is two exactly the same data binding is not allowed?  Please help....

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It works for me.If you dnt mind Could u send ur file to muchukotavijay@gmail.com so that i can have look.




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For quick troubleshoot, use try..catch block to view if any erros thrown. You might have misspelled the som expression.

PS: Multiple fields can be bound to a single data node in the schema. I don't think that causes the problem.




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All, appreciated your quick reply to my problem.

Anyway, my design doesn't even use SOM except for the display/hide of either one of the tables.  All my coding is via the 'Object' screen specifically in 'Binding' tab'.

In the table under 'Body' row below is my actual data binding rules.


and each column the data-binding is like '$.GivenName' on 1st comlum, '$.FamilyName' in the 2nd column and so on and so forth.  No javascript at all.  

Take note that both tables of the each subform have the same setup BUT only one the first subform works fine.

Just did morning, for the sake of investigation I created another XML node like 'policyCert.policyCertRider.namedInsuredTEMP' and change the data-binding of the 2nd subform to:


And it works fine!

Appreciate help.