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Showing Windows Username In Adobe Forms


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     I am working in an organization that contains 250 Data Entry Staff, I created a full set of Adobe form to be filled and printed, but I am facing a small issue that the managment asked me to shows the windows login name or ID on the printed forms.


     I am requesting a support to provide me with a complete steps to solve the above issue


     I am using Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES4, and the staff PCs have Adobe Acrobat Reader XI.

     please help me in this issue. Your support is highly appreciated.

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Do you render your form through a Web Application or those forms are standalone PDFs? Pretty sure for web apps, we can grab the user's identity, and prepopulate the form before it is being rendered to the user. Not too sure about the possibility of this through standalone PDF files though.



To grab this info for PDFs, I believe the identity property loginName in Acrobat JavaScript can help. The reference guide titled 'JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference' says "The login name as registered by the operating system." I cannot provide the exact steps as I have never tried this.

If this is your need, then I request some community member to showcase an example of how to implement this in a PDF form generated from Designer.