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Setting visibility of a table to visible/hidden


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I am creating a PDF form in flowable format that utilizes a lot of check boxes that when they are checked they show visibility of sub-information that is initially hidden on the main interface of the form. I can create action conditions ie (when checkbox 1 is checked) with a result ie (set the visibility of 'object' to visible or hidden, depending on whether I am checking or unchecking the form to show or remove the sub-information). The 'object' I can set to be a text field, check box, drop down list, radio button, but NOT a table as a whole. I need to be able to show and hide whole tables on my form. You can set the object to be a cell of the table, but after setting individual results to set the visibility of all cells to hidden, when checking or unchecking my checkbox above the table as a whole will not completely show or hide, checking the checkbox appears to do nothing to the table. I am not familiar with java scripts, but does anyone have a trick to achieve what I am trying to do or a java script to when a checkbox is checked or unchecked to result setting the visibility of a whole table to visible or hidden? THANK YOU!

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You are limited to what you can do using the Action Script Builder...

You will need to open the Script Editor:  Window ► Script Editor

Now click on the check box object you want to edit the script

In that script, going in the change event of the check box

you must write the path (somExpression) of your table according to the hierarchy of your form and change the presence property of the table to hidden or visible

It should look like so,

Where "Reference_Syntax" is the somExpression of your table, which means each parent subform/page


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Thank you for the quick feedback! However, I am lost after trying to use your scripts. I posted a picture of what I am working with below. I want to make an action to check checkbox7 "check to show table!" making the table1 visible. The table originally is preset to have a hidden presence on the initial page viewing. When I uncheck checkbox7 I want the table to be hidden. 



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As i said Reference_Syntax is not what you should have written... but you got it right below that line...

You have 2 things to change to make it work perfectly, after this it should be fine...

On top left of the code you see there is Show: click*

1.modify the click* to change*

On top right of the code you see there is Language: FormCalc

2. Change FormCalc to JavaScript

Then make sure your code you have right now, is in the change event in Javascript of your checkbox

Then all what you need in your code is already written but remove the first line as shown below:

From now on, ALWAYS make sure that your "Reference_Syntax" (form1.Table1) is always according to your hierarchy on the left side of your screen... which means

If you change your Table1's position in the hierarchy and you put it in (untitled Subform) <-- change it's name to Page1 or Main, and you will ALWAYS have to change the code according to its somExpression...

If you are lost and you are not sure what is the somExpression... you can always go in the click event of any object and just write this down to know what is the somExpression



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Thank you so much, I got it to work perfectly!