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setting up the signature field to work with Entrust


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Good afternoon everyone,

Im looking into signautres today and i would like to get a complete walkthrough as to what i need to setup under the signature fields when i press the "settings" button.

Right now there's a bunch of tabs that are available but i hhave no idea what information is required under each one in order to have the Entrust key work with them

My goal is, right now, is to just setup the signature field so that it uses Entrust certificate info of the user trying to sign my form. I have no idea how to get this started

I found my Entrust digiture signature file, i think its got the following extension: .p7c but that dont seem to be enuff to get me going.

When i press into the signature field, i want to populate this one automatically based on the user's entrust cerficate info, Help!!!!!

If you need more details, i will gladly add it to the post. I just really want this to work

Thank you so very much,


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Check this out:

ssl - convert .p7b key to a .pfx - Server Fault

i dont think your p7c is sufficient.  it lacks the private key.

I use a pfx file but its older.  you may need a p12c


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Perfect thank you for that, this .p7b allows me to sign my document fine now.

Ok now that this work, how can i set this signature field to work with any employee, not just my id that is now hardcoded into my test form but that works.

How do i set this up that as soon as any employee that presses down on my signature field will automatically go and fetch their own certificate id???

If this help, were all setup with Entrust as third party security key provider.

Thank you so much again,


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each of your employees will require their own pfx/p12c/entrust key. if you use unverified certs (ie. you created them yourself or they are not from a trusted CA) then when another user opens up that file on another machine, they may find the sig is unverified since they cant' verify the sig.

when they click on the sig field, it'll bring up a dialog box to select the key and require them to enter the pwd.

After that, i think reader remembers and it'll show the last sig file used in the drop down by default.  The user will only need to enter in their pwd.

When they save the file their sig will be embedded into the form. 

You may need LC ReaderExtension to extend your form so ppl can save and can add digital sigs with Adobe Reader.  Otherwise, they would all require Acrobat.