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Script Help - Add to Date


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Need a little FormCalc OR JavaScript Help from the Community.

Have a form that has three fields ...  Date Of Birth, Age, and Emancipation Date.

User Selects DOB, then I calculate Age: (Works Fine)

if(DOB.rawValue ne null) then

     Floor(((Date2Num(DOB.formattedValue, "MM/DD/YYYY") - Date() )/365.25)*-1)


The Emancipation Date Field is the one I need some help with.

I need to Have that field Calculate the Date the person turns 18 if Age < 18

I think the easiest way is just to add "18" to the YYYY part instead of calculating it due to leap years and such.

Any Suggestions would be very helpful.

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So, A solution I found, but not sure it is the best came from this thread: Re: how to calculate future date

var Emancipation = new Date(DOB.formattedValue);

var Adult = new Date(new Date(Emancipation).setMonth(Emancipation.getMonth()+216));

util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", Adult);

I am using setMonth  to +216 for 18 years ...

It seems to work in all my tests unless there is a better solution.