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Scheduled maintenance...


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I just saw the announcement of the scheduled maintenance here http://health.acrobat.com/.

a) Will the service be unavailable?

b) Is there anyway I can get an email announcement of that sort of thing? ( And really any change to the health status. )

c) Can we get more than a day of notice?

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I will quickly answer your questions before the maintenance window starts:

a) The service will be available. We do a rolling restart of our servers and there shouldn't be any downtime.

b) You can subscribe to the RSS feed on the Health Page itself so that you are notified whenever we have a maintenance.

c) The notification was posted about 48 hours before the maintenance window.

I hope this helps.

If you have any more concerns, feel free to reply. I am sure Fang/Nigel can chip in as well.





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Yup, Julien's right - you shouldn't see any significant downtime (we'd

announce that if there was). We've actually updated the service several

times this year with 0 downtime.



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Thanks for the quick response guys. I never noticed the RSS icon (it was scrolled off my screen to the right).