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Saving Form Data (Possibly Using Email Submit Button)


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Hello all. I have a form which contains sensitive data, and therefore would prefer that users not submit it via email (somehow the thought of identity theft doesn't fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling). The good news is it appears this is completely feasible, since the email submit button allows you to save the form data when you indicate you use an internet-based email program. However, I'd rather automatically jump to a "Save As" window rather than having to explain to people they need to select the internet email option even if they use Outlook or Thunderbird. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? On a related note, I would like a window to pop up after a user clicks on the "Submit by Email" button (if that's what ends up being used) asking them to check that they have done certain things, but the Email Submit button's "click" event is grey-ed out. Is there a work-around for this?

Thank you very much.

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If you go with a regular button with the following javascript in the click event:


This will open a dialog which allows the user to save the form (provided they are using Acrobat or you have Reader Enabled the form before deployment).

You can give the button a caption "Save for submission" or something similar.

In addition you could script a popup dialog box giving the user instructions about how to send you the completed/saved form. But modal message boxes can get annoying for experienced users of the form. Maybe some static text in small font near the button or use the tooltip to provide this information.

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