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Rendering forms based on fragments


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Hello All,

I'm an Adobe Livecycle ES4 newbie. I know almost nothing about the product except my company has decided this is the forms tool we will use going forward. I have Designer ES4 installed and so for I've only used it to copy and modify some existing forms that were created by one of our sister companies. Now we're ready to start creating our own forms. We are an insurance company. I need to create form letters that include or omit certain paragraphs based on varying types of coverage the customer purchases.

Based on what I've read about LiveCycle's key capabilities, it seems I can accomplish my objective by creating xdp fragments which can be later used to create the xdp for the completed letter. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial, some documentation, or some examples that I can use to learn how to shrink my learning curve? I need to be able to produce these letters as quickly as possible.


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