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Remove or Hide Submit Form in Document Message Bar


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Is there a way to disable, hide or remove the Submit Form button in the document message bar? My users do not want to email completed forms. However, when I create an interactive form in LiveCycle Designer 8, a Submit Form button appears in the document message bar for the form readers (who use Adobe Reader 9). Please let me know if there's a way to remove this and still keep the form interactive. Thanks!

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Have I been flailing on this as well.

In my case I was creating my interactive form and then using the 'Distribute Form' mechanism to publish it.   This had been the first/only way I knew to make a pdf file save-able by the end user using Reader.   I didn't have an 'email form' or whatever button - but that darn purple button 'Submit Form' always showed up.

Solution, duh, there is a feature in Adobe Pro under Advanced called "Enable Features in Adobe Reader..." - this allows the form to be saved with the form data.   Voila.

Btw, I did add a button to email the document, but I wanted the user to be able to set the "To:" recipient.    After much flailing I ended up using the following code:

event.target.mailDoc({bUI: true,cTo:"",

cSubject: "this is a subject line",

cMsg: "Please find attached the completed form."



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Here is the dirty solution I used:

Published blank page from MS Office to PDF

Opened my form in LS Designer

Opened the blank page in LS Designer

Copied all of the fields from the form to the form to the blank page.

No more Submit button.