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Red frame on mandatory fields appearing in Adobe Acrobat DC when PDF opened, instead of at execution of form check button?


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I'm testing my form with several users. I have one user reporting that when she opens my form in Adobe Acrobat DC, the red boxes around the mandatory fields show right away, instead of when she clicks the check form button I have on the form. None of the other users are seeing this. Does anyone know a fix?

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Now you see me, now you don’t.

Interactive forms highlight where you should enter data. To turn this highlighting on, click the Highlight Existing Fields button.

The fillable fields within the form (see example below) are highlighted in a light blue color. This lets you enter information into these fields. By default, Adobe® Reader® displays a red border around required fields. Pretty dang ugly, huh?

Fortunately, it can be turned off.  This script (placed on a form:ready event) will do the trick:

if (xfa.host.name == "Acrobat")

  1. app.runtimeHighlight = false;

Here’s how we achieve this:

Part 1:

In the Object palette, click the Value tab. Under Type, choose User Entered – Required.

  • First, we need to define which fields are mandantory/required. Click within the desired field to select it.
  • You can assign as many mandatory fields as the form requires. When you are finished doing this, enter the Script Editor.

Note:   To show or hide the Script Editor window as you need it, click the toggle.

  • Select the form:ready
  • Type the following script into the window:

if (xfa.host.name == "Acrobat") app.runtimeHighlight = false;

  • Save your work.

Part 2:

  • From the File menu, choose Form Properties.
  • Click the Form Validation tab.

Click Color Failed Fields. Check the box next to Color fields and fail their validations.

  • To turn borders off, click the arrow next to Border Color, then click the box.
  • To define a background color, click the arrow next to Background Color, the choose More Colors.
  • Select the first available empty box, then click Define Custom Colors.
  • Define a custom color per your visual identity guidelines.
  • When you are finished, click on Add to Custom Colors, then click OK.
  • Click OK on the Form Properties window.
  • Save your work.


The result? When the user tries to submit a form without first entering data into the required fields, an alert message is displayed.

When the user clicks OK to clear the error message, form submission is cancelled.

Failed fields are highlighted in an attractive way—without red borders.

How do you remove or change red border in Livecycle required