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read configuration from file (xml or ini for example) with JavaScript


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i need a template, who can read some external information when opened in reader.

The template will be filled with a 3D element by LiveCycle. When the pdf will be opened on an other pc, i want to read some configurations from anywhere at the pc. The configurationfile can be installed before with adminrights. Thats no problem. But what possibilities i have to get some external configurations? Is there any chance to read the filesystem? May be in starting the reader application?

I tried importDataObject, importTextData and importXFAData by clicking a button. As result i get NotAllowedError. If i read the JavaScript API Reference i see the problem with non-priveliged context and so i understand the error.

My question is how can i read any information in my document? Where is a sample for this? Or is it not possible?

I need some config informations for the further working in the pdf-document.

I use windows and Adobe Reader 9. I have freed some rights with LiveCycle Reader Extensions for the pdf-document and the document is generated from a template with LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.

Thaks for all hints and answers, Cornelius Rohr.

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Two ways to achive this:

1. Writing your importDataObject script inside a trustedFunction area

     For this you need to make use of beginPriv & endPriv methods

     I have no experience with this approach

2. Writing a web service to serve the configuration content

     write a web service.

     invoke the web service while opening the pdf.




PS: See the documentation related to the security issue which you are facing currently.

Raises the execution privilege of the current stack frame such that methods marked secure can execute without security exceptions. For the method to succeed, there must be a frame on the stack representing the execution of a trusted function, and all frames (including the frame making the call) between the currently executing frame and that frame must represent the execution of trust propagator functions.


app.endPriv to revoke privilege. The app.trustedFunction method can create a trusted function, and app.trustPropagatorFunction can create a trust propagator function. The term stack frame is discussed following the description of app.trustedFunction.