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Radio button group not working when subform is set to inactive.


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We are experimenting with 'inactive' subforms (versus a "hidden" subform).  This is extremely helpful when working with conditionally required fields - since "inactive" makes the fields inside the subform not required.

  • presence = "inactive";  subform is hidden and required fields are not 'required'
  • presence = "visible";  subform is visible and required fields are required.

Unfortunately - I haven't been able to get the radio button group(s) to work as easy as the text fields. 

  1. All fields inside subform are set to "User Entered - Required", including text fields and radio button groups.
  2. We include a message in each field's "Empty Message" property
  3. We also have each field set to include a "Validation Script Message".

For the radio button group, these settings (above) are set at the group level - not the button level.

Anyone know how I can get the radio button groups to benefit from the 'inactive' setting?


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