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"sunken" prints really light on the right and bottom, fix?


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I have searched the forums and I have not found a question similar to my issue.

This is my first form and I have had great luck with getting help so THANK YOU!!! Now (i hope to be my last issue)... I am using the "sunken" for my text boxes, checkboxes, and checkboxes that are actually circles.  The problem is that every single thing prints so light on the right side and bottom that it looks like the lines are not there.  The employer that will be using this form does not like it at all.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why it is doing this and if I can fix it.

Thank you!!!!

Heather (the novice with unending questions)

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You have little control over the sunken 3D effect for objects. Often I prefer a solid box instead of the sunken border, as this is cleaner and I have bettern control over hte look and feel of the solid border.

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I was afraid of that ☹. Thank you so much for your help, now the fun of changing them all ☺

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