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possible to listen to render and print events??


Level 4

Hi LC people

Is it possible to setup events for at process for these scenarios?

LC Forms > when form is rendered a fragment cannot be found (eg. not access to folder or network error)

LC Output > When LC Output is printing is it possible to cast event if printer is not accessible or printer errors occur

Hope you have some clever ideas

/Thomas Groenbaek, Jyske Bank Denmark

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Level 10

With LC, there's two ways you can catch exceptions:

1- Use the lightning bolt on the bottom right corner of the service.


- You can catch a specific exception.

- You can route to a specific step in the same process (from lightning bolt to where ever).


- You can't get the exception object/details.

2- Use the Exception event to get all exceptions from all the processes.


- You get an exception object with exception fault, source, message.

- You can have a generic process to catch all exceptions from all processes


- Can't tell from which process it's coming from.