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populate a dropdown menu to fill up a form with data that comes from msaccess


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How can I populate a dropdown menu to fill up a form with data that comes from ms access.I got the ODBC Connection I can populate a dropdown menu but I do not know how I can show the records from ms-access. Does anyone has a sample or can guide on how can I do it.



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Hi there, to be able to populate dropdown lists with multiple data from msaccess you will need make sure dynamic properties are checked

Tools --> Options --> Data Binding --> Show Dynamic Properties

Once this is checked, you will be able to bind dropdown lists to a column in your ms access database

Select a dropdown list --> Object Palette --> Field Palette --> Click on List Items (it should be green if you can click it)

Then you can choose which data connection  and which field to bind it too!!

Hope this help!


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Thanks Magus069,

I got the dropdown menu, It shows the data from ms access. excellent thanks. However, I try to see the fields that are related to the dropdown menu from my odbc connection but it does not show anything. Any ideas on how can I do this?



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what do you mean exactly?

you want to be able to see the other data in the other columns of your ms access database by selecting a value from your drop down list field?

not quite sure what is it you are not seeing..


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Lets say

Company Name (Dropdown Menu) I choose the company and I need to see :


Phone number

Contact name

I do not know how can I retrieve this data. It comes from the same MS access.


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I am not a fan of using data connection with livecycle but to be honest, the only way I can think of is making a data connection specifically for this request...

Unfortunately I can't really tell you how to execute this kind of method because I've always worked around the data connection so the PDF works as a stand alone..

What I usually do is have hidden tables in background which hold information and then treat them with JSON objects...

but these information are public and not private, so even if users see all the information it is not an issue...

in your case you would probably need to have to work with the data connection

but before I'd tell you how to make it work I would have to do some tests myself to try to do something like this

If anyone can help you, I'd be more than interested in knowing a solution to this request!

Hope this help a bit...