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please help. Text fields launch email for XML data


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Let me start by saying I have only been using LiveCycle for two days. I did buy a book and have exhaustuvley searched for a solution....with that said....

After completing almost the entire form, somehow or other I managed to make all the text fields but one initiate email of xml data as soon as you try to type in them in PDF preview or reader or pro.

I added a new text field for test and it does NOT do the same thing. I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn this off.


When checking pdf preview, if I click inside a text field to type, it stops the preview and launches an email window with a blank XML file. It does the same thing if I open the file in Reader or Pro.

Solution I am looking for:

My form is nearly complete and i would hate to have to start all over. Basically, I do NOT want the text fields to initiate an email of the form data. I just want the user to be able to type in them as required. In my opinion this should only happen with the "email form" button.




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funny, i found a workaround. after nearly 3 hours and finally posting here, in 15 minutes i found something. I still would like to know

what caused this if anyone knows.....


By selecting the text field and changing object type to "Text" then changing it back to "TextField" then save, it now works fine. Of course I had to do it on all 25 fields but way better than redoing all the custom fields i created.