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permissions issue - node creation


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Today our application developed a new bug related to posting messages into a SimpleChatModel node.  It tells us that the user does not have permission to create the node.

We have approximately 50 rooms and all of them have the nodes we need already in them.  There is no node creation that takes place during normal operation of our application.

Now, we've been doing this type of posting (successfully posting chat messages into the SimpleChatModel with only Publisher-level permissions) all last week and over the weekend.  It may be that we wrote a bug of course, but I couldn't help noticing that the timing coincided with Nigel's blog post introducing the new SDK.  Is it possible that the volume of new LCCS users, or the use of new server-side permission techniques is related to our issue?



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Our SDK actually went live before the weekend, so I don't know whether this could be an issue due to our SDK or something else.

Can you send us a small test example of what you are doing that lets you face this situation ? Also, is this on a particular room or in all rooms ?

Did you change any nodeconfiguration parameter to any node in your room ?Lastly, what SDK (9/10/10.1 ) you are using ?


Hironmay Basu




I verfied the behaviour you mentioned, and I am able to publish to the simpleChat model as a publisher.




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Hironmay, I appreciate your input, I know I didn't really provide enough info but I wanted to see if there actually was a problem of which you were aware.

The behavior was better this morning - but the error has returned (no changes to our code have been made).  So I suspect it is either a timing issue related to how elements of the swf load, or a bug in your service.

Here is some of the code we use to initialize the chat pod.

import com.adobe.rtc.sharedModel.descriptors.ChatMessageDescriptor;

import com.adobe.rtc.events.ChatEvent;

import com.adobe.rtc.sharedModel.SimpleChatModel;



public var chatModel:SimpleChatModel;

private function init():void{

chatModel = new SimpleChatModel();

chatModel.sharedID = "myChat_SimpleChatModel";


chatModel.addEventListener(ChatEvent.HISTORY_CHANGE, onChatMsg);

this.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, onKeyStroke);


public function sync():void




protected function submitChat(str:String):void


var cmd:ChatMessageDescriptor = new ChatMessageDescriptor();

cmd.msg =  str;


chat_mesg_input.text = "";


that code is in an mxml file that defines the chat pod.  the only other place in which we call sync() is reproduced with a small bit of context here:

if (_usersInRoom == "2" && !_synched) {


if (chatPod) {



_synched = true;


this issue does not seem to be confined to any specific room(s) and we are using version 10.

Error: MessageManager.createNode : insufficient permissions to create node

at com.adobe.rtc.messaging.manager::MessageManager/http://www.adobe.com/2006/connect/cocomo/messaging/internal::createNode()[C:\work\branches\connect\1004\cocomoPlayer10\src\com\adobe\rtc\messaging\manager\MessageManager.as:253]

at com.adobe.rtc.sharedModel::CollectionNode/publishItem()[C:\work\branches\connect\1004\cocomoPlayer10\src\com\adobe\rtc\sharedModel\CollectionNode.as:615]

at com.adobe.rtc.sharedModel::SimpleChatModel/sendMessage()[C:\work\branches\connect\1004\cocomoPlayer10\src\com\adobe\rtc\sharedModel\SimpleChatModel.as:377]

at ChatComponent/submitChat()[/Users/mschwab/work/GoodChat/flex/src/ChatComponent.mxml:31]

at ChatComponent/onKeyStroke()[/Users/mschwab/work/GoodChat/flex/src/ChatComponent.mxml:55]


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Yo Sauce,

If you check your latest room in the RoomConsole - does it actually have

all the nodes you'd expect for myChat_SimpleChatModel? It's complaining

because it's saying you don't have the nodes needed. I'm guessing you're

generating these all from a template?



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Hi Schwabsauce,

Could you email me the url of a room that works and one that doesn't work?


npegg .com.


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Yes, the newest rooms we have created do have the correct nodes with the correct settings, they are successfully copying our template.

I'm not experiencing the bug right now but if I do I will tell you in which room it occurs.