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Paragraph formating in LiveCylce


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  Im relatively new to using livecylce and have run into a small problem Im not sure how to fix. I am creating a form that will use 2 master pages, with text boxes that resize vertically to fit the amount of text, Ive got these worked out but my client wants to be able to use bullet/numbered formatting for sections of the form. Can this be done. I have attached my pdf and if you look at the definitions section you'll see what Im talking about. Since the tab key jumps from one box to another I cant seem to figure out how to allow indention as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Here is the link to the file https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=41DDB7D98DB06F7E!5261&authkey=!AApv-o8YSUGMD84&ithint=file%2cp...

Thank you

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Hi there,

creating bullets is an option that came within LiveCycle (ES3) if you have ES2 you will have to create functions to have something like so...

You can base yourself on one of these threads, maybe it will help you, otherwise you might want to consider telling the users to use the ASCII code to create bullets

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