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online account number validation:


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  we have to develop a interactive pdf form for internal users of the organization. When user enters account number, it should be validated from the database and give a message saying the account number is valid or not.

One option I know is calling a webservice from the form and validate the account number. What other options do we have to do this? I'm browsing the net on finding the information on interactive forms with database but I didnt get any related documents. It would be great if you can help me in resolving this issue.

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I do not recommend using the database access method from the form. This will only work on a Windows machine

as it uses OLEDB to do th econnection and you will have to configure a DSN on each machine that wants to connect to the DB. Lastly the DB must be on the same physical network as the machine where the form is running. A web service access alleviates all of these restrictions.

In either case if you are using Reader you will have to Reader Extend the form to allow it to make DB or Web Service calls from th eform. Only Reader Extensions server will turn on that right for you.