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No page break in subform (flag allow page break greyed out)


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Hi Gurus

We have the following structure:

- Table

-- Header line (table line)

-- Item line (table line)

--- Subform deliveries

---- Subform deliverynumber

---- Subform delivery pos

The data are coming from SAP and we are using LCD9.

Basically the printout of our form works fine, except the following case:

When the printing of a delivery starts on the top of the page and there are many items (more than one page), we do not get a page feed. The items are printed over the edge of the page and get lost in nirvana.

We saw, that on the 'Subform deliveries' it is not possible to set the flag 'Allow pagebreak' (this is greyed out). The subforms are all set to 'Flow'.

Does anybody know such a behaviour and knows how to solve this?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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A subform isplaced in a table cell inherits the properties of the surrounding row.

To enable page breaks for the nested subform enable the page breaks for the row, the table and every parent object of the table too (i.e. the page).