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Need help for getting the value of the Text field/Floating field dynamically


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As we can see from the screenshot. the current requirement is to display the field 1.Operation No. dynamically, this field is below to an internal table, and I have mapped it in the next Body Page SubForm(actually it should not be displayed,so I set it as hidden).

So Now I have two ideas for this requirement, but don't know which one is easier to implement, and how to write the code inside the Form, because I am new to adobe form, hope you can help me, thank you very much!

1. We can get the instant value of the operation No in the Body page,  but I really tried many times, and failed to do this...

2. We can count how many times the operation No in the Body page has been output, and then write some Java script to display the correspoding line in the internal table, I have tried this also, but not work very fine, I have defined a global variable inside the Form, but it seems not work well inside the Body page or Subform Head...Below are some code I have written.

data.#pageSet[0].Page1.SubHeaderInformation.HeaderInformation_tbl.OPERA.VTEXT::calculate - (FormCalc, server)

this.rawValue = $record.GT_VORNR.DATA[X].VTEXT (This works fine)

data.#pageSet[0].Page2.SubHeaderinfo.SubHeaderInformation.HeaderInformation_tbl.OPERA.VTEXT::calculate - (FormCalc, server)


// ROWS = count( $record.GT_VORNR.DATA[*].VORNR )

//Below need testing

  if ( X lt ROWS ) then

    X = X + 1


   X = X - 1


this.rawValue = $record.GT_VORNR.DATA[X].VTEXT

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This question seems like how can we get the value from Subform to Master Page...