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Need help fetching value from a fragment radio button


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Good morning everyone,

Im struggling with the fetching of a value hidden in a radio button (RB).

My scneario is like this:

I have 3 Master Pages (MP):

1 splashscreen (SC)

1 for english (pEn)

1 for french  (pFr)  

And i have 3 pages 1 for each.

Inside those MP's i use a fragment radiobutton that is setup to gather what language the user wants to use: fr or eng.

Now when i fire off this form, my SC comes up first. On that page i have the fragment showing and the user is asked to choose fr or eng in order to proceed.

This all works well for now and i can even see that my fragment RB displays what ever choice the user made correctly.

Now my issue is that i would like to capture via javascript, the current value of my RB no matter what page im on.

This is where i have issues. ALSO, my pages or invisible except for the language page you've selected to be on.

This means that out of 3 pages, i always just have 1/3 pages shown everytime i make my decsion on my SC page.

so here is what i wrote so far:


var  tempLangChoices = form1.pageSet.Page1.LAng_choice_1.Lang_choice;

this works but only if im on page1, i would like this to be more global. so one sentence that can always fetch the value from anywhere and right now i cant make that happen.

Does anyone have to insite on how i could get this to work so i can fetch that value from anywhere in my form reguardless of if this page or that page is invisible?

Thank you so much,


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