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Multilingual forms | JS with SO and function()


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I'm new to the forum and quite new in creating LiveCycle forms using ES3. Now I'm stuck and very greatful if somebody could assist me to get my form running.

I tried to adapt the following instructions LiveCycle Blog: Mehrsprachige Formulare //Multilingual forms to my form, however, nothing happens. What I'm trying to achieve is actually pretty simple, i.e. a form which language can be changed by choosing the language from a Dropdown.

My hierarchy:

--> Script Object (SO): from1.variables[0].Sprachen

--> Dropdown: form1.InputOfferterstellung.Dropdown

--> Textboxes: form1.InputOfferterstellung.Subform_GenerelleInfo. [...], etc.

--> Dropdown List Items: Deutsch, English, Italiano (no specified item values)

My JavaScript for SO:

function Sprache_ändern(L01, L02, L03)


  xfa.form.form1.InputOffertenerstellung.Subform_GenerelleInfo.OffertID.caption.value.text.value = L01;

  xfa.form.form1.InputOffertenerstellung.Subform_GenerelleInfo.ProjektNr.caption.value.text.value = L02;

  xfa.form.form1.InputOffertenerstellung.Subform_GenerelleInfo.ArtderOfferte.caption.value.text.value = L03;


function DeutschCaption()


  Sprachen.Sprache_ändern("Offerten-ID", "Projekt-Nr.", "Art der Offerte");


function EnglishCaption()


  Sprachen.Sprache_ändern("Quotation ID no.", "Project no.", "Bid type"); 


function ItalianoCaption()


  Sprachen.Sprache_ändern("Offerta ID no.", "Progetti no.", "Tipo di offerta");


My JavaScript in the exit event of the Dropdown:

if(xfa.event.newText == "Deutsch")




if(xfa.event.newText == "English")




if(xfa.event.newText == "Italiano")




Thank you vermy much for your help!


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