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Missing license keys in adminui. Has anyone experienced this before?


Level 4

We have recently installed LiveCycle server into our Test environment.  However, for some reason when we go Home > About, no licenses show up.  We do not experience this in our other env (DEV, APOC) where liveCycle was installed.  Here is a screenshot.


When we run our workflow processes in this env, they work fine.  New processes are able to reference the barcoded forms.Decode call that we just installed.  Similarly, our external EAI server is able to call the LiveCycle web services with no problem.

Has anyone else experience this issue?  Should I be concerned?

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Level 4

What do you see in the licensing section of the landing page once you log into the adminui?

Can you send me your server log file and I'll take a look for any related issues?