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Merging Two Existing Documents


Level 2


You've guessed it, I'm brand new to Adobe LiveCylce Designer.  I'm played around with it a good bit, but I'm having issues with something that I imagine is pretty straight forward and simple.


I'm trying to take and existing pdf form and merge it with a word document.  I would like to have the content of the word document appear at the bottom of the existing form


When I open the word document, the information is converted to a new form.  Not a huge issue, but when I try to copy and paste the pages from the new form (originated from the word document) to the existing document, I get an error - "There is insufficient space on the form for the pasted content".  For some reason the information I'm pasting to the existing content is going outside of the margins although I believe both documents should have standard margins.


Is there a better way to do this or a way in which to avoid the errors?  Thanks for the help and sorry for the appealingly very basic question.


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