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Market research on Google Wave (or at least one interested viewer)


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Google Wave may be big and compete against AFSC so discussing it will be useful.

There is a long (1hr ++) video on Google Wave, the recording of it's public launch to developers

1.  It may be very popular

2.  There may be complementary elements to it (Adobe won't have some of what they do)

3. It's Google

4. It's totally (Googles part) open source (not clear about free/for money services though)

But don't despare.....    It's just more GTW

Ok Ok with some slick/fast protocols and zzzz (eyes glaze over)


Well Arnie what's GTW and why does that cause you to discount Google Wave?


GTW is Java-in  (requiring Java programmers ( I know some of my best friends are Java programmers)) and JavaScript & XHTML out. This means design-time is miles away from runtime and runtime can't do Actual/Real Design* (other than PM, CVS, Bug tracking, (more snoring here) (They are very proud of collaborative bug tracking))

Once apon a time not too long ago  the GTW web site had these things-to-do:

          1. animation

          2. video

          3. other-big-things-Flash-has-had-forever


      so compared to AFCS......


     AFCS will (my words here) delivers Design Time Collaboration



www.colabry.com (and new proud parent of www.designtimecollaboration (thanks Andrew you saved me days of investigative work)

* Java programmers can't do design anyway

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