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Making a PDF with LiveCycle then being able to edit pages, insert pages, delete pages, attach files to document, be readable in Adobe Reader etc.


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We have been working for some time with LiveCycle to creat a documents and have experienced a host of problems with the end product.

1.  Images inserted into the LiveCycle PDF document often come up as "broken links" after editing the document and resaving it.

2.  Documents will not display in Acrobat reader unless a digital signature is applied to them and the document is re-saved.

3.  After making the document, we are unable to use Adobe Pro to insert pages, delete pages, or insert files into the document as attachments.

The end state was to use the simplicity of LiveCycle to create a document and do most of the hard work, and then save it as a PDF document that could be easily edited with Adobe Pro.  It has proven difficult, to say the least, to figure out how to make this work.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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We presume that it has something to do with how it is finalized or exported out of LC, but any hint would be greatly appreciated.

We have also found that a PDF filled out by someone in Adobe Reader can't be opened again after being saved unless a digital signature is applied to it prior to saving it.


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I can try to help

1- When inserting an image make sure you check the box to in the Object palette that says: Embed Image Data. This will put the image into the file.

2- I am not sure why you would need this. I use Reader all the time and do not have this issue. You will not be able to save a file unless it is reader extended but users should be able to use the form and if the form has a submit capability they can send the data somewhere

3- No you cannot insert, delete etc in Acrobat even Pro when the file has been created with LiveCycle Designer. You can develop the form in LCD to insert a page, insert and section such as a row on a table but you can not use the Acrobat Insert page function

I hope this helps


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1- Thank you

2- It only seems rational that if I make a form with LiveCycle that I should be able to view it with Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro.

Making a form with LiveCycle to be distrubuted to personnel internally that have Adobe Reader and Adobe Pro and cannot open it without it having a digital signature field in it that has just recently been signed just doesn't make sense.  Nor does it seem to make sense to have to purchase 200 additional licenses just for LiveCycle so that people can open a PDF that was made with LiveCycle.  If I make it in LiveCycle and only people with LiveCycle can open it, what is the purpose of making it to begin with?

3- This also totally sucks.  In a standard Adobe Doc I can at least attach documents to it?

So, what, exactly then, is the purpose of LiveCycle if the only benefit it seems to provide is ease of creation, but the end product has way less functionality?

And how do I go about contacting an Adobe rep on the phone in regards to this without getting "there is no support for this product, go to Adobe.com"

We have millions of dollars of Adobe software and can't get support other than hunting and pecking in these forums?  Really?


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and what about if I forego the need to "insert a page" and instead just want to "attach a file" or "imbed" a file onto a doc created with LCD?


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So you can add a signature and save if the file is reader enabled. If it is for internal use and is within whatever the legal limitation of the software is you can reader extend it yourself in Adobe Acrobat. Doing this will allow your users to open, save and even digitally sign with Adobe Reader. Check the licensing agreement

to enable in Acrobat 11 File ->Save As Other ->Reader Extend file

In Designer you cannot insert pages from Acrobat. This has been functionality since the beginning. You can add attachments. As far as functionality LCD has tremendous functionality. If it does not meet your needs then I would recommend contact Adobe Support. The truth of the matter is once you understand how it works there are many many things you can do with it. As for getting support I would also take that up with a rep. Adobe does have support contracts that can help you and the community is a GREAT resource.