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Loading mouse cursor on MouseEnter/Exit events


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Hi all,

I have an interactive PDF document developed in LCD ES4 that is +- 8Mb (it contains a number of images). The PDF is then saved as Reader Extended in Acrobat X to permit user saving.

If the PDF document is opened in Acrobat Reader (XI) on a medium-spec PC (Windows 7 and 8) - when the user moves the mouse over any interactive controls (combobox, field etc) - Windows briefly changes the mouse cursor to the loading icon (green round circle) before flicking back to the arrow cursor. I'm guessing that the system processing which causes the cursor to change to the loading icon is caused by the MouseEnter / MouseExit events firing... but neither of the events have any code in them (i.e. they are both blank).

The mouse cursor change is quick when the user hovers over a single control, but if they move the mouse across a region of adjacent controls (e.g. repeating rows) the flicking of the mouse cursor between the arrow and the loading icon is very annoying.

Has anyone else seen this before - I'm guessing there is no way to stop certain events (e.g. MouseEnter / MouseExit) from firing? Any other suggestions appreciated.


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Did you find a solution? Same problem here...