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Livecycle not respecting Full event when TextField text comes from a button click.


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I have created a form which contains a button, some checkboxes and two text fields.

When the button is clicked:

If checkboxes are checked, some text is concatenated (using form calc) and the text is added to the first textfield. (I have concatenated text as I am adding carriage returns so each new checkbox’s text is on a new line). Each checkbox has it’s own if statement

Because there is potentially going to be up to 60 text items added, it would be nice to have the text spread over two textfields.

I have been experimenting with the Full event. I have a full event on the first textbox which contains a setfocus code pointing to the second textbox, it works ok if I just type text in there and flows one into the other when full.

However the full event is ignored when I click the button and all the text just goes into the first textfield and doesn’t ‘overflow’ to the second textfield when it is full.

I have tried different values for the textfield - protected, readonly and user entered, but it still doesn’t work from the button’s code. The TextField are also set to Limit to Visible Area and Multiline.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why, or another alternative I could try.

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