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Livecycle Designer ES4 - is this software coming to end of support?


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Hi All,

I have a couple of questions with regards to the Livecycle Designer ES4 that i hope to get some advise:

1. Is Livecycle Designer ES4 coming of end of life, or end or support?

2. Currently i am using Livecycle Designer ES4 to create and edit dynamic PDF forms for my clients, if it is coming to end of support, do i need to migrate to AEM forms? Will i still be able to edit and create dynamic PDF forms using Livecycle Designer ES4?

3. If i still use Livecycle Designer ES4 to create and edit forms, is there any limitation?

4. About AEM, do they have a form designer program similar to Livecycle Designer ES4? Do i need to be train in a new environment again?

Basically i hope to be able to support my clients requirement, where we will create or edit dynamic forms for their use.

Please kindly advise,

Much appreciated, Thanks!

Best Regards,


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here's what I can say about your questions:

  1. ES4 has course an EOL. You can find all details here: All Apps Help | Products and technical support periods

  2. Not, if you still want to create XFA forms.
  3. You can fully use ES4 even after the EOL.

  4. There is a newer version of Designer available in AEM, called AEM Forms Designer. It has the same UI as Designer ES4, because its in fact the same program just in a newer version with some minor changes, you'll propably won't need. With AEM Forms, you'll have the opportunity to develop different kinds of dynamic forms, which are dynamic PDF (XFA-based), dynamic HTML (XFA-based) and responsive HTML (Adaptive Forms). The first two you still need you skills in Designer, but Adaptive Forms is totally different and created through the Web frontend of AEM Forms. If you want to create this kind of forms you'll have do some training first.


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Hi Radzmar,

Thanks so much for your advise.

Can i also check with you on the following:

1. Will the forms created by Livecycle Designer still be able to read and input data by Adobe Reader when the Livecycle products go EOS of EOL?

2. For AEM Forms Designer, do they export out for PDF also for the adaptive forms created?

3. Would you be able to help provide me some advise on one of the smartforms that i am editing for my client now? If you can help, please kindly provide me your email address for me to send over a copy of the PDF file for your advice.




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Hi Ray,

  1. The EOL of LiveCycle ES4 has no impact on the forms or the PDF-Viewers at all. Only the software support by Adobe ends for this version, which means there won't be any further updates or security patches.
  2. AEM Forms Designer is the same application as Designer ES4 was, only in a never version. It still creates those static or dynamic PDFs. Adaptive Forms are not designed with AEM Forms Designer at all because those forms are in fact responsive websites with form fields etc. Those forms are created with AEM Forms, which is a complex and expensive server solution.
  3. If you need help with any forms, you can hire me. Just send me a private message.