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LCDS 2.5 - Dataservice is very slow


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I have a query that returned about 7000 records using livecycle dataservices 2.5 and Flex SDK 3.0.  I expect this to take a few seconds, but it take 25-30 seconds to get the result back. The VO I am returning has about 42 properties of int, Strings and Dates. No other collections. The query itself is under a second and is just against one table. The server resources are not close to getting maxed out.

On the arraycollection I tried disablingAutoUpdate. On the dataservice, I disabled the autosync, automerge, autoSaveCache and autoCommit.     I have been able to return large datasets before, but not using LCDS.  Any ideas how to get all the records back at once would be greatly appreciated.


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A few things to check:

1. what is a query execution time on DB side?

2. do you have a class definition on destination level?

3. does the class (if defined) match properties to result set?

All these may greatly affect the resulting performance.


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DB result is 500MS.  Yes and Yes. Checked closely several times.  The proerpties are simple strings and ints. The arraycollection of the result set is not binded to anything.  I am pretty sure its something with the server, but not sure what.  8K records should come back within a couple of seconds.