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Issue with a form mouse focus jumps back to field with focus in it


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Good morning,

I created a form a while back and recently, a user from my team tried it and wasn't very please with the experience saying that it was very annoying to have the form scroll back (jump or sling shot) back to the top of the form or back to a field where the mouse cursor was focused in.

so lets say on my 1st page of 5, I put the mouse cursor into the Application name field and just decide to scroll down a bit, it will sling-shot right back to that field/page. so on a 5-8 page form, I will never be able to go further then the 1st page and then, re-sling-shot back to that field.

Of course, if I enter data in the field and step out of it by pressing anywhere on the layout where no field exists, the problem stops.

I though it was because I was using global fields, so remove those, but still there, I also removed in the forms properties, the option to setfocus to a mandatory field, but still nothing is fixed.

I tried re-creating the form into another empty PDF file and just adding a few sections instead of the all thing, but if I leave that cursor into a field on the first page, I get that sling shot result every time.

Funny thing to is that, when I removed the global fields and/or the mandatory setfocus option, it seem to have fixed it, but when applying the reader extension from server or just opening the file with Adobe PRO, the problem wasn't fixed and still present.

I'm at a lost for this one guys and I need some help with this.

Can you guys/gals think of anything that might be causing this.

Thank you very much,


I'm using ES4.

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